Whosoever Shall Call Upon the Name of the Lord

During the first semester of my freshmen year at college my Mom's second oldest brother, who was on a transplant list for a liver, became terminally ill. He was given a week to live by the doctors.

Upon learning of my Uncle’s condition, my Mom called my Dad to inform him of the situation, and he ministered to her from Joel 2:32 "...Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered...". During his final moments when we were talking to him for the last time, we shared with my Uncle that if he would call on the name of the Lord he would be saved. Shortly thereafter, he went to be with the Lord. My Mom and I were in the room when he officially passed and there was great oppression due to my relatives and the Catholic tradition that they were operating in. I could barely utter any words and the only prayer that I could pray was from Joel 2:32. After he passed both my Mom and I had a peace in our heart that he had gone to be with the Lord.

In June of the following year, my oldest cousin became terminally ill and was hospitalized. By the time we were notified that he was sick, he had been in a hospital in a vegetative state for some time. The only reason that we were notified is that his mother believed that he would hear my Mom. My mom flew to California to see him while I stayed behind in Texas visiting my Dad. The only thing that we had to pray was Joel 2:32 and that the Lord’s will be done. When my Mom arrived to see him, she shared with him Joel 2:32, even though he was in a vegetative state I believe that his spirit had not yet left his body and he heard this. The next day, I was at a worship service at Water of Life in Plano and during the worship God said to me "I have your family" Instantly I new that this meant not only my uncle, but also my cousin. My cousin had not been taken off of life support at this time, but I knew that he was no longer in that body and that he had gone home. My heart was broken on the spot and I began weeping. I was overcome by the mercy and the grace of God and that with one simple prayer that God would take these men to Heaven. Two or three days later the life support was removed and he was pronounced dead.

In 2002 we lost another one of my Mom's brothers, and I believe that he is with the Lord. I know that the early deaths of my two uncles and my cousins a direct result of curses of the law and the Jezebel spirit.

UPDATE: In 2006 my Grandmother (on my Mom's side) was in the hospital and I received a call on a Sunday that she was getting ready to go. I called her to talk to her and didn't really have anything to say, so I concluded the conversation and let her go. Later that day, I received a call from my Mom saying that she was much doing much better. The following morning (Monday) my Mom called and told me that she was getting ready to go again and then afternoon I received a call that she was doing better. I remember that I was driving home when I received this call and was mad that this spirit was tormenting her and my family by having it seem like she was ready to die and then by afternoon be much better. I cried out to God that he needed to stop this and that she needed mercy. After I did this God spoke to me and instructed me to go on fast and to pray a prayer he had given me when my uncle was sick in 2002, which Luke 22:42. I did this until Wednesday when I received another call that she was getting ready to go. This time I knew in my heart that she was getting ready to leave this earth and I called to talk to her, God had me share Joel 2:32 with her and I told her it was time to go home, call and the name of the Lord and he will save you and that I loved her. As I was saying this to here she was acknowledging what I was saying with "uh-huh" and "OK". What I did not know until later was that she had slipped into type of coma where she could hear but not respond and she had not been able to speak at all until I called. That was her acknowledging what God was speaking through me. That night at church we were worshipping and as I came around towards the front God told me that he had my Grandmother and that it was finished. Just as he did this, I saw that I was receiving a call on my phone (it was under my chair and I was just walking by it) from my Mom. I knew what she had to say. My Grandmother had gone to heaven. I have an aunt that lives in Texas and she had been unable to get to Colorado to see my Grandmother when she was sick. She had been asking God how she was going to get to Colorado and God gave her a very inexpensive plane ticket and the time to get out to visit her before my Grandmother went to heaven. God will hear you when you call on him.

Numbers 23:19 says "God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken and not make it good?" When you call upon the name of the Lord according to his word you will be delivered.

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