Broken Neck Healed

When I was in the 8th grade at Estes Park Middle School, I tried out for the football team. This was my third year of playing football, and I only really did it because it seemed like it was the thing to do. I never played much and just sat on the bench most of the time. When I look back, I realize God was trying to discourage me from playing this sport, but I didn’t know that it was God speaking to me. During practice early in the season we were doing tackling drills and my turn came up to carry the ball. I cannot really say what exactly happened, but as I was running and cut to one side, I was tackled and landed directly on my neck and passed out. When I woke up, I realized something was wrong. I could see and hear but I could not feel anything. The coach and trainer came and did some basic testing, pinching, prodding, etc. but I could not feel or respond to any of it.

At this point I became scared and began to panic. The ambulance came and the paramedics tested me as well. Their preliminary diagnosis was that my neck was broken and that I was paralyzed (they were right!). They pinched my legs and I could see them pinching them as hard as they could; yet I felt nothing. Fear overwhelmed me and I thought, “God help me”. They loaded me onto the backboard and into the ambulance and took me to the hospital. The coach called my mom who in turn called my dad who was living in Texas. Upon hearing this news, my dad began to pray for me.
When I got to the hospital they tried to x-ray my neck, but my football pads were full of metal pins that blocked the view that they needed. I lay there on the x-ray table as they removed my equipment piece by piece. Suddenly I began to feel again and regain motion in all of my limbs. They finally got the x-rays taken and were satisfied that there was no apparent damage. In fact, there was no pain, stiffness, just a little soreness. The next day I went to another doctor and was diagnosed with a sprained neck.

The doctors could not explain why I went without movement or feeling in my limbs for so long and yet there was no sign of damage. They said I “pinched my spinal cord” and when they removed my helmet and shoulder pads for the x-ray that it became “un-pinched”. Since I could move again, I just said, “fine with me”. From that point until I was 22 years old, I just thought I was real lucky and even related the story to many of my friends.

Several years later, when Sadie (my fiancée) and I were visiting my dad in Plano, Texas, I was struggling with some things and was wondering if God was even for me. God was increasing my faith while I was in Texas but the resistance from the enemy was increasing also. I was driving with Sadie in my dad’s Jeep and we were talking and worshipping and praying and I was starting to break through, but I was still doubting. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my heart (not head) that said, “Obey me!” I was not sure what this was and kept on driving. As we kept going I heard it more and more until I said “what is this, why are you telling me this”. I realized it was God and He said, “You were paralyzed, you could not move. I healed your neck, now obey me!” I had always doubted what the doctors had told me about my neck, but didn’t know why. At this point the emptiness in my life disappeared. I realized I was not living my life according to God’s will, but rather my own will.

Since that day, the pressure from the devil has increased dramatically, but then so has my faith and confidence in God that I can resist this pressure. I thank God, that Jesus overcame the devil when he was raised from the dead. I thank him every day for healing me. I share this testimony so that when you hear that Jesus healed you and you think “yeah, sure”, remember that the entire creation was healed when God raised Jesus from the dead. We just have to believe it! I encourage you to believe God. Thank you and God bless!

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