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I was born April, 1978 in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 1982, my dad's job relocated him to Dallas, Texas, and in 1983 my parents got a divorce, I was 5 years old.

Both of my parents were raised in the Catholic Church. Even though we did not attend church regularly, the Catholic doctrine was sown in my heart. In 1988 my Dad, Mike Peters, was introduced to the gospel through Doyle Davidson and he started preaching it to me, and then to my Mom. During a summer visit in 1990, God spoke to me and instructed me to attend the daily prayer meeting at Water of Life, and to ride a bicycle there. It was during this summer that I became born again. Later that year I was baptized in water at a charismatic church in Loveland, Colorado. I subsequently received the baptism in the holy spirit in December of 1999.

In January of 2003 God instructed me to move to Texas to start attend Water of Life on a regular basis. 

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