A Prayer: Father let your word (Lisa is Doyle's wife) have free course be glorified. That they (Doyle & Lisa) be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men (JR, Bill. spm).

July 21, 2008: On March 11, 2008 during Terry Mai's 8:00 pm Tuesday broadcast, I was worshipping God and trying to overcome a situation with my (at that time unborn) 3rd son, and God spoke something very profound to me. The doctor that was overseeing my wife had some concerns about her condition that could potentially be dangerous. I believed that this was a lie of the devil (witchcraft) and over the past week or so I would attack this lie of the devil during worship and do everything that I new how to do to overcome and see God work in this situation. I was seeking God to overcome an attack of witchcraft coming against my unborn son. On this particular evening during worship, while I was seeking God for what to do about my son, God told me that there was no more pressing (greater) need for the Body of Christ then for Lisa to come home and that he had my son. I knew right then that I needed to be praying for Lisa to come home.   During this time he also reminded me of II Thessalonians 3 1- 2 and put it in my heart to post.  I did not want to put this on my website because of my pride and unbelief. On March 18, 2008 God caused our third son to be born, and he was fine. The condition that they were so worried about became nothing. The following day a witch (nurse) pronounced jaundice on him, he had to stay at the hospital an extra day after my wife was discharged. He had little improvement over the next day or so. On March 22nd, I posted the prayer above, we went to the doctor the two days later and he had improved enough that we did not have to go back. When God spoke to me about Lisa, he instructed on how to overcome the attack against my son by praying for Lisa to come home. God was showing me that what he said was true, he had my son; I need to obey him and be praying for Lisa to come home.

This morning during the first broadcast, Doyle prayed a powerful prayer and God manifested himself with a baby white-winged dove (see News for Lisa D). During the first hour this evening I was reflecting on this and God reminded me of what he told me about Lisa coming home and He also reminded me of the postings that Doyle had done by the Spirit of God on "Lisa is in Prison, But She Will Be Delivered" and "Quench not the Spirit" (Click on links to read). I was immediately convicted on my unbelief in what God had instructed me to do, Thank God for his mercy.

God Bless

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